Traditional Process


There are 2 ways to process and prepare Java tumeric. Traditional preparation involves the rhizome to be chopped, dried, grounded into powder or chopped, boiled and then served as a drink. This method does not obtain much benefits. The reason being, most part of the tumeric plant cannot be digested nor absorbed by our body. There is also risk of contamination with heavy metals from environment, soil or water that cannot be eliminated by traditional way of preparation.


has been shows to support liver health and immune system


Studies shown that it has anti-inflammatory properties


Combining Curcumin and Xanthorrhizol creates benefits to our body, which supports our immune system. 

Modern Technology

Helmigs made a breakthrough with modernization process. The process uses high-tech machines with modern and sophisticated technology.

By using extraction process , Curcumin and Xanthorrhizol can be further processed and prepared into high quality, delicious and practical products.

Helmigs collaborates with Germany for formulation, to create a wide range of products for consumption, with no preservatives nor artificial colorings of the health of consumers.

Manufacturer’s Certification

Healthy Liver to Function Better

How does curcumin act as antioxidant?

Curcumin has the ability to protect our body from oxidants by neutralising free radicals before they oxidize our cells. Researches show that antioxidants reduce free radicals coming from environment.

Helmig’s Curcumin Concentrate Table has been tested by Brunswick Labs (USA), to have equivalent of 24,890 ORAC units per tablet. As a comparison, the antioxidant property in one tablet of Helmig’s Curcumin Tablet is equivalent to about 250g of fresh blue berries. 

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It is a lab test that attempts to quantify the amount of “Total Antioxidant Capacity” (TAC) of a food.

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